Operation Shredding will destroy your old personal papers, hard drives for free

Operation Shredding takes a bite out of ID theft
Posted at 6:42 PM, Apr 17, 2017

Half a million pounds and counting. Paper collected and shredded over the last seven years containing personal information belonging to bay area residents.

Our Operation Shredding partner Pro Shred will deliver 6 trucks to the 8th annual event at Citrus Park Town Center this Saturday. Each truck capable of shredding 10 thousand pounds of paper.

Last year alone 1,500 bay area residents unloaded all of their old personal papers at Operation Shredding.

You can bring up to 5 boxes of documents, papers and receipts that have your credit card number or other personal information on them and we will shred them all for free.

And starting this year our new partner Quicksilver will destroy your old electronics as well.

Laptops and hard drives will be destroyed on site. Tablets and cell phones will be put into a secure box, taken to Quicksilver's factory and demolished.

Shredding old documents and data is crucial to protecting you and your family from identity theft.

Operation Shredding will take place from 7a.m. to 1 p.m., just look for the Pro Shred trucks.