Missing mail ends up in neighbor's box

Posted at 2:49 AM, Sep 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-18 02:49:37-04

Shanetta and Donald say the mailman repeatedly delivered their mail to the next door neighbor’s mailbox but simply refused to walk the extra 20 or 30 feet to their box.  We wanted to find out why.

Shanetta Minter and her fiancé Donald Williams could not figure out why the mail did not follow them to their St. Pete apartment after their recent move.

After a couple of weeks, the mail carrier began delivering the couple’s mail to their landlord's mailbox next door.

They got a post card and there was a message on it stating they have to have to move their mailbox next to their neighbor’s. Minter says they visited the local post office and met with a supervisor but no one would explain the refusal to deliver their mail to their box.

The couple's mailbox sits just 20 or 30 feet away from their landlord's. We emailed a spokesperson for the postal service and asked for an explanation.

In an email the USPS explained, "We have spoken with the carrier and the customer's mail will continue to be delivered to his mailbox."

True to their word the carrier began delivery to David and Shaunetta's box.

The Postal Service’s only form of an explanation, that the mail carrier was new to that route.