Insurance company went silent after driver filed a claim

Accident claim went no where
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-29 13:35:37-04

A stop for gas, the last place Cynthia Henning worried about a collision. Then the man in front of her got into his SUV and back hard into your sedan.

After the parking lot fender bender, Henning reached out to the other driver's insurance company.

A few days later Infinity sent an adjuster to look at the damage. Then Henning waited. At one point someone named Adam from Infinity did call but only to say there would be a delay.

Infinity could not provide Henning with a time frame for processing her claim and suggested she have her own insurance company pay for repairs which would mean paying a 500 deductible and risking a rate increase.

Florida law requires companies to approve or deny a claim within 90 days. While Infinity was still within their time frame Henning says they ignored her calls for three weeks. So we contacted the company's corporate office.

They responded by calling Henning and approving her claim. In an email an Infinity spokesperson responded. “I've forwarded this information to our claims department and have just received notification that the claim has now been resolved.”

The following week Henning dropped off her damaged ride for repairs and picked up a rental car courtesy of Infinity.

Florida's Department of Financial Services runs a mediation program for Floridians experiencing issues with any insurance claim. Just go to then click on consumer services.