Recall offers refund for repair costs

Posted at 8:34 AM, Oct 02, 2015

The recall notice spells it all out in black and white. If the owner had to pay for repairs out of his own pocket, Chrysler would reimburse him.

Nine months after this consumer shelled out his hard earned $600, we wanted to know: where's his money?

Leroy Vick could not figure out why his Jeep died last Christmas day. Turned out it was the ignition. Vick shelled out close to $600 for the repair.  Then he remembered the recall notice.

Chrysler spelled it out in black and white on their ignition recall notice for certain Jeeps. If owners had to pay for repairs out of their own pocket, then the auto giant would reimburse them.

But this consumer spent 8 months asking Chrysler for his refund after mailing the company a copy of his receipt. At one point, Vick says the auto giant questioned the repair, and whether it was the same part covered under the recall.

So I emailed a Chrysler spokesperson and asked that they review this claim. Later that day, the company contacted Vick by phone.  In an email Chrysler explained. “The customer should have been reimbursed for the repair and was advised he will be reimbursed for the repair."

Days later, a check for just shy of $600 arrived in the mail.  Vick says the money will come in handy since he was laid off earlier this year.