If you have not filed your taxes there are options that could save you money even if you owe

What to do if you can't pay Uncle Sam
Posted at 12:55 AM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 00:55:36-04

If you fall into the group that doesn't owe Uncle Sam anything the process is simple....use IRS form 4868 to file an extension. That will give you until October 16 to turn in your return.

David Muhlbaum online editor at says that form will not buy time for those who owe.

There are two ways the IRS will charge you.

One is for failure to pay penalties. If you file for an extension you won't face those but you will still pay interest on the balance you owe.

Now if you need a little more time to come up with the cash you can ask the IRS for an additional 4 months to make your payment. If the amount you owe is large you can arrange to make monthly payments until the balance is paid off. It'll cost you a $225 set up fee.

Another option, the IRS takes plastic, you can pay taxes with your credit card. Not something you want to do unless you can pay off the credit card in 30 days. The IRS interest rate is 4 percent versus your credit card and you will have to pay a convenience fee of around 2 percent of the balance.

If you are looking for free tax prep check out Credit Karma Tax, It isn't restricted to simple tax returns. If your adjusted gross income was under 64K last year you can use the to free file to file your tax return.