How to save the most money in the least amount of time this Black Friday

A little planning will save a bundle
Posted at 6:48 PM, Nov 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-22 18:48:22-05

Black Friday, it is not for everyone. Still more than 135 million Americans plus plan to shop this Thursday and Friday. Bagging the best deals requires a game plan.

First preview the ads, you will find almost all the circulars are up at

Next evaluate the deals. founder Kati Kiefer makes this part easy. You'll find her Black Friday price comparison cheat sheet on her site.

You can search across all the stores for the best deals on everything from laptops to headphones. Let's say you are hunting for the cheapest Barbie, just type in Barbie.

Some of the biggest BF bargains we found include, a Samsung 55 inch K TV for $479.99 at Best Buy, a Lenovo tablet for $99 at Walmart, a Fit Bit for $59.99 at hhgregg and over 100 toys 50% off at Toys "R" Us.

Be sure to take advantage of the price match policy, many big retailers will pay you the difference if you find a lower price at a competitor.

You may save a tone of time by checking out the pre-sales. Last year a number of stores posted their Black Friday deals on Wednesday night or just after midnight on line.