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Hacks to crush debt and save up money in 2018

Simplest ways to save
Posted at 5:24 PM, Jan 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 17:59:40-05

They Penny Hoarder bills itself as the largest money saving blog in the world.

Editor Justin Cupler says the site shares thousands of tips on how to chip away at debt and save more money.

Number one is make a budget. No spread sheet or math is needed. The Penny Hoarder advises three buckets: put 50 percent of your money toward bills like car and house payments. 30 percent goes to personal expenses like clothing and entertainment and the remaining 20 percent should be targeted for debt.

For big items like a home or car refinance what you can't pay off in order to lower the interest rate or payment term. Consider transferring card balances to no interest cards.

Saving money and losing weight are a lot alike in that you must break your goals down into bite size chunks. At the Penny Hoarder they tout the 52 week savings challenge.

52 Week Savings Challenge[]


Start thinking about expenses you can do without.


Tips on Crushing Debt[][]


Two apps, Stash and Acorn help with savings that turn into investments. Both require little thought, Chances are you won’t even miss the money as the increments are so small.


Stash and Acorn Apps[][]


And if you are really motivated don't forget about the side hustle. Think everything from delivering groceries to freelance writing. Most importantly it is okay to back slide, but don't give up.