Money saving tips for renters

Posted at 6:53 PM, Apr 01, 2016
The Tampa Bay area is the second most expensive metro in Florida for renters, according to 
Miami saw higher rental prices than Tampa, but Orlando's rental prices were lower than Tampa's.  
Florida's average rental prices is $1,400 which is higher than the national average.
  • Avg. St. Pete rent $1,300 (2 bedroom)
  • Avg. Tampa rent $1,170 (2 bedroom)
The experts at "Apartment Hunters" said this is a particularly tough market for renters because demand is very high.
"The most shock is for the people who are moving out of the houses, because that was their mortgage.  They got foreclosed on and now they are seeing they are paying the same amount for rent," said location agent Amy Reinhart.
She suggest people be persistent if they know of a certain property they want, because the prices are tied to demand.
"We have a property here in Carrollwood that has twelve units available for the next ninety days and the rent is really high, then we have a property next door that has twenty-five apartments available so the rent just went down," said Reinhart.
She also said many companies have agreements with rental complexes, so it's smart to see if your employment will get you a discount. put out a full list for Florida.