Credit card skimming on the rise despite increased security

How the bad guys get your information
Posted at 6:04 PM, Oct 11, 2016

Credit card companies rolled out cards embedded with chips to better protect consumers nearly a year ago. But we found credit card theft continues to run rampant here in Tampa Bay and the rest of Florida.

In one case a Tampa waiter appears to bring his own credit card skimming device to work.

In Land O'Lakes in Pasco County Michael Rocrou wants to know how a woman in New York obtained his credit card number.

Rocrou caught the $165 charge to his card while checking his account on line. He discovered the thief  knew more than just their account information she also had his home address.

In recent years, gas stations across the country took measures to secure their pumps from skimmers and credit card companies sent out millions of pieces of plastic embedded with chips.

Sgt. Pat Kennedy who runs the economic fraud unit at Tampa Police says the measures failed to slow the tide of credit card fraud.

According to Experian, Florida ranks first  in online related billing fraud which normally involves stolen card numbers.

The Federal Trade Commission states that credit card fraud complaints this year hit the highest reported numbers in a decade.

Sgt. Kennedy says all 7 of the economic crimes detectives in his unit are buried in these types of cases.

In Rocrou’s case he called police in New York but says they refused to open a case.

Check your accounts online regularly and report any bogus charges immediately so that you don't get stuck with the bill for something you did not buy.