Homeowners suddenly dumped by insurance company

Posted at 2:08 AM, Sep 22, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-22 02:08:16-04

A Spring Hill couple hired an inspector and based on that report felt they had purchased a sound home. But then, the insurance dumped them. We did some digging and proved the insurance company wrong.

The home seemed perfect for Josh Evans and Heather Lacueva until they moved in. A week later the insurance company notified the couple they were dropping their coverage. The news shocked the couple since their home inspection did not catch any major flaws with the house.

So Lacueva and Evans starting calling other insurance companies for coverage. No one wanted to write a policy. Their only hope, a sinkhole test, but that would cost thousands.

We did some digging into court records and found the former owner filed a sinkhole claim, a claim the insurance company denied. A court upheld the denial.

Lacueva and Evans like many home buyers were unaware they could have asked the seller for a C.L.U.E report.  A CLUE document will reveal insurance claims for the last 5 years on everything from sinkholes to fires and floods.

We could find no proof of the existence of a sinkhole, only the former owner’s claim and denial by the insurance company. So we contacted the couple’s agent and relayed what we'd found. A week or so later, their insurer sent a reinstatement letter in the mail.

And the best news, their rate did not change. Anytime you are looking to purchase a home you can require the sellers to provide that CLUE home seller’s disclosure report and make it a contingency to a purchase offer.