Chiropractors charged with insurance fraud

Posted at 7:11 PM, Mar 30, 2017

Detectives say the clinic was running a big money insurance scheme some of which they caught on camera.

An undercover officer recorded more than 50 appointments made at the Back on Track clinic in Bradenton. State insurance fraud investigators spent a year working the case.

Detectives say chiropractors Richard Tambe and Yusef Barnes along with chiropractic assistant Johncina Harrell performed a fraction of the treatments listed on insurance claims. And therapy sessions like massages lasted less than 30 seconds instead of the minimum of 5 minutes.

 According to the arrest report, all three were booked at the Manatee County Jail on insurance fraud, a third degree felony.

Tambe faces 12 counts. Barnes is charged with 8 and Harrell is charged with 13 counts.

Department of insurance fraud detectives estimate the bogus billing could have netted $10,000 per patient and added up to a million dollars or more.

If convicted each suspect faces as much as 5 years behind bars and the loss of  their medical license.