A 4-year-old girl is fighting for her life but is denied one of the medicines that keeps her alive

Aurelia Onley suffers from MLD
Posted at 3:31 AM, Nov 28, 2016

MLD, a form of Distrophy, attacked Aurelia Onley at the age of one.

The disease, aggressive and often terminal, robbed Aurelia of the ability to walk or even play with other children.

Since the age of two, she's battled through a bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy and weeks of hospitalization.

Sarah Pruitt, Aurelia’s mom, explained one of the most critical medications is the one that prevents deadly fungal infections. But in late October, Pruitt received a letter from her insurance denying any further payment for this particular drug.

Amerigroup stated the "...policy only covers Voriconazole for the primary treatment..." of a fungal infection.

But in Aurelia's case the drug is used as a preventative. We reached out to Amerigroup three times in three days.

On day three the insurance company sent Pruitt a letter of approval for the medicine. It says in part. "We feel treatment... is medically necessary for your child. As a result, we are changing our previous decision."

This marks another battle won in Aurelia's fight for life. We connected the family with the Pfizer’s patient program. They are processing her request which may grant Aurelia the medicine free of charge.

The family has set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money for Aurelia’s medical expenses.