6 tips for landing a better job

Posted at 5:26 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 17:26:44-05
Typically, you’re not the only one applying or interviewing for a job. 
So how do you get the upper hand? 
We spoke to some career coaches who offer some free advice to you the job of your dreams. 
According to Vance Arnett from Vance Arnett Coaching,
  1. Companies are looking for two things, how qualified you are to solve the problem they have and how well you get along with people. Your resume should reflect both.  Your language and demeanor should reflect both, and your enthusiasm about both will set you apart. 
  2. Develop an attitude of “realistic” optimism. No one, including recruiters, responds well to a sad or desperate candidate/applicant. 
  3. Research the company you are applying with to make sure you know what problem you can and will solve for them.  
According to Lisa Jacobson, Career Consultant at,
  1. Have a good headshot on your LinkedIn Profile. Recruiters spend a significant amount of time looking at your face. A profile without a photo is often ignored and sometimes considered “creepy.” 
  2. Take telephone interviews very seriously. Prepare for them. Listen carefully and do not talk excessively.
  3. When you do get an interview -- arrive early. On-time is considered 5 minutes late to managers who are prompt and prepared.