10 ways to make job hunting easier

Posted at 5:17 PM, Feb 29, 2016
Job hunting is not an easy task. 
You may apply for dozens of positions before you ever get an interview. But at ABC Action News, we’re committed to getting you the job you’ve dreamed of. 
We’ve talk to local career coaches and experts about how make the job hunt easier and more effective. 
We’ve compiled a list from local career coaches to make the process easier for you. 
Here's advice from Lisa Jacobson, Career Consultant at
  1. Limit the amount of time you spend completing on-line applications and profiles to one hour a day. 
  2. Accept an entry level job at your choice employer. 
  3. Get a transitionary job (coffee shop, wait tables, catering). You'll make some money, get out of the unemployment rut and have more opportunities to connect to others. 
  4. Create a LinkedIn profile or update your profile. 
  5. Shorten your resume. 
Here's advice from Vance Arnett, Vance Arnett Coaching
  1. Develop a base resume and cover letter and then tailor them for each specific application. 
  2. Make getting a job your current job. Get help from some great resources out there online and in the bookstore.  General career resources such as are great online resources.  A great printed resource for job hunters at all levels is Knock ‘em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2016 by Martin Yate which is published by Adams Media, Avon Massachusetts.  
Here's advice from Molly Carey Smith, Career Counselor 
  1. Be assertive and follow-up with the potential employer after submitting your resume. 
  2. Attend networking meetings such as the Rotary Club or college alumni functions to find potential jobs. Be verbal about your intentions!
  3. Practice interviewing skills so that your responses to the interview questions relate to your experiences. The next step is to take your experiences and connect them to how you can add value to the company.