Insurance Institute rates safest teen cars

Posted: 12:25 PM, Oct 01, 2015
Updated: 2015-10-01 12:25:59-04
What teenager doesn't dream of owning a car?
But as a parent, where do you even start looking?
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released its list of safest used cars for the teen driver.
The organization says you should avoid cars with a lot of horsepower. They can be too tempting for younger drivers to push the speed limit.
Bigger, heavier cars tend to be safer.  And, you should get a car with electronic stability control.
It's been mandatory since the 2012 model year and helps you keep control on curves and slippery roads. The institute says it's cut the rate of single-car deadly crashes nearly in half.
Volvo S-80 - 2007 or later
Volkswagen Jetta Sedan and Wagon - 2009 and later
Honda Element - 2007-2011
Volvo XC-90 - 2005 or later
Chevy Traverse - After 2011
The institute has about 150 on its entire list.
You can see the entire list here: