House Calls with James Tully: Repairing rotten wood

Follow along with Action News Anchor James Tully
Posted at 8:17 AM, Apr 27, 2017

Our handyman Paul Schramm insists water is really the worst thing for your home.

In this case, it caused wood outside of the home to rot.  But Paul has a quick, permanent fix for our homeowner.

"She’ll never ever have a problem again after we’re done,” Schramm said.

You don’t need a professional but you will need to mix up some epoxy solutions you buy from the hardware store.

Watch the video to get started.

Items you’ll need: Latex gloves, wood consolidate (ex. Liquid Wood), wood epoxy filler (ex. Plastic Wood or Wood Epox), putty knife or bondo applicator, hammer or crowbar.

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