House Calls with James Tully: How to mount a TV onto a concrete wall

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Posted at 10:01 AM, May 25, 2017

Phil Mooney and his wife Jamie, are hoping to extend their living space by hanging a TV outside in their pool area.

"I’m hesitant about drilling into the cement outside," Phil tells me as we look at an expensive TV mount he recently purchased.

Understandable, because it takes a special power drill to tackle that which our Handyman Paul Schramm has, and you can rent at any hardware store.

"This is what they call a Rotary hammer," Paul says as he explains it will rotate the drill bit and chip away at the concrete like a jackhammer.

It pushes the bit more cleanly through the concrete than your conventional power drill.

There are few other tricks to making this process very easy for you, including a nifty attachment to your vacuum that will take away any clean up.

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Items you’ll need: Rotary Hammer

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