Google rolls out service to help find jobs

Posted at 1:18 PM, Jun 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-20 13:24:25-04

Google is launching a new service to help people easily search for jobs in their area.

The internet giant teamed up with job sites and organizations in order to make finding a job a little bit less overwhelming.

When users type in "jobs near me," "teaching jobs," or similar job-seeking queries, Google will connect you to in-depth results that let you explore jobs from across the web.

The job search can be filtered by fields like category, title, date posted, type, city, company type and employer.

And once you find a job, many of them have reviews and ratings of the employer next to the description.

If you're logged in to Google, you can even see how long it would take you to commute from home for some of the jobs.

Alerts can be sent to your phone so you receive an email notification when new jobs arrive, keeping you up to date.

The goal is to bring users the most comprehensive listing of jobs, including LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, Direct Employers, CareerBuilder, Glassdoor and Facebook.

To assist new jobs in getting listed, Google is also releasing information on how to make job openings discoverable with the new feature.

The service did just launch Tuesday, so it's possible it hasn't rolled out to every device or account quite yet.

To learn more about Google's new job search initiative,click here.