This company has tons of work-from-home jobs available

Posted at 11:01 AM, Aug 18, 2017

Do you dream of breaking free of office life and working from home instead? In today's digital world, more and more companies are latching on to the idea of hiring remote employees. As someone who recently started working from home myself, I can say that the lack of commute, having my dog as my coworker and lunch breaks in my backyard are all pretty cool. If you're looking for a more flexible work situation, you may want to check out these work-at-home job opportunities with NexRep. The agency sources work-from-home agents for several large companies, and is currently hiring for several big-name companies. You could be a customer service rep for GrubHub or provide customer service for Jay Z's new music streaming company Tidal. You could also provide customer service for Priceline. Here are all the details:

GrubHub Jobs

You've probably heard of GrubHub or have a vague idea about what this company does. They let you order food on your phone from local restaurants, then they'll deliver it to you. They want to hire work-from-home customer service reps to work afternoons, nights and weekends. They're hoping you'll be able to work at least 20 hours. "As a customer care agent for GrubHub, you’ll have the opportunity to help customers and restaurants who are using the GrubHub app and need assistance," according to the job posting. "Maybe you have a day job and are looking to make some extra cash or maybe you have hobbies and interests that fill up your weekdays and are hoping for an opportunity to work nights and weekends. If either of these describe you, please consider applying for this position." They cannot work with people who live in New York, California, Rhode Island, Arkansas, Oregon or Indiana. But all the other states are fair game!

Jay Z's Tidal Jobs

OK, so you probably (Read: definitely) won't get to work with Jay Z himself, but these jobs still look pretty cool. The best part? Absolutely no phone calls! Jay Z has launched a new music streaming service (think Spotify and Pandora, but different) and is looking for work-from-home customer service reps in every state except New York, California, Rhode Island, Washington, Arkansas, Oregon or Indiana. They're particularly interested in hiring people who can speak Portuguese or Polish languages, in addition to English. "You will answer customer emails about a new, music streaming site, similar to Spotify—no phone calls," according to the posting. "You’ll be multi-tasking in cloud-based applications on your computer to access customer and client information resulting in resolution of customer issues."

Priceline Jobs

You likely know Priceline because of William Shatner and the company's catchy "Priceline negotiator" jingle. This travel website is hiring people to answer incoming calls from travelers who need help making changes to their travel itineraries. They're looking for people who can work at least 25 hours a week between 1 p.m. and 1 a.m. EST. The starting pay is $20 an hour. phone headset photo

Other Jobs Available

NexRep has other work-from-home opportunities available. They are also currently hiring 45 outbound sales representatives, according to The Penny Hoarder. Unfortunately, those who live in Arkansas, California, Indiana, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island or Washington are not eligible, but people from all other states are welcome to apply. The sales agents will work for TriStar Products, which sells popular items you've probably seen on infomercials, such as Copper Chef pans. In this role, you will talk to customers who called about making a purchase but ultimately decided not to. Your job is to work with the customer to make them a better deal and close the sale. You will be encouraged to up-sell, cross-sell and promote third-party offers. Doing so will earn you extra commission. Strong candidates will be persuasive, persistent and competitive. The job requires a hard-wired internet connection, no wifi. While you'll receive a $5 an hour base pay, total compensation is largely based on commission, so you'll have to consistently make sales to maximize your earning potential. NexGen says average agents make $15 an hour, with the potential to make more than $25 per hour. A major perk is that you are able to set your own hours within the hours of 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Eastern. You must work a minimum of 15 hours per week. If you think you have what it takes, apply today.

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