Dirty Dining: Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

Posted at 10:55 PM, Feb 09, 2016
Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen advertises 100 percent whole breast meat tenders cooked up fresh. But there were also fresh insects crawling near that fresh chicken while it was being prepared.
Taking action for your health, our ABC Action News I-Team discovered that Popeye's Chicken at 4493 Commercial Way in Spring Hill had to temporarily shut its doors overnight Feb. 2 after inspectors saw live roaches where food was being prepared and served.
Over 40 live roaches were seen on the front counter and floor, near the chicken breading table, on the steam table, above the ice machine, by the freezer, in the lobby, and by the bathroom. The state also discovered dead roaches at the drive-thru window and by the money machine. Other violations found include: a dozen flies at the drive-thru window, by the prep table and mop sink, employees with no proof of required state approved training, a hole in the ceiling, and the walk-in freezer shelves soiled with encrusted food debris and rust that had pitted the surface.
During inspectors' previous visit in August 2015, they uncovered a live roach on the wall by the back door, a black and green mold-like substance on and around the soda dispensing nozzles at the drive-thru window, and the reach-in cooler at an improper temperature.
Popeye's statement:
"The experience of our guests is our first priority. We have contacted this independently-owned and operated franchisee and confirmed that the restaurant management took the necessary actions to ensure its cleanliness and address concerns. The restaurant was temporarily closed on February 2, 2016 after a routine inspection by the Health Department discovered roach activity. The franchisee immediately contacted their pest control service the same day for treatment. After a joint walk-through the following day, February 3, with the Health Department and pest control representatives, the restaurant was reopened."