Dirty Dining: Pipo's To Go temporarily shut down for 60+ live and dead roaches in the kitchen

Posted at 11:33 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 04:05:33-05
There's nothing like authentic Cuban food at Pipo's To Go in downtown St. Petersburg, serving up roast pork, black beans and Spanish rice. 
But last week, there was no Cuban cuisine being served after the state walked into their kitchen and shut it down for service.
On Tuesday November 8, inspectors saw over 60 live and dead roaches all over the kitchen area including near the cabinets, cook's line, Cuban press, coolers, floors and prep area. 
A stop sale was also issued on potentially hazardous food that was not cooled properly.
The state made 'Pipos to Go' throw out cooked plantains, black beans and rice because they were at dangerous temperatures in the cooler at 47°-52° when they should be at 41-degrees or below.
Other cold items at dangerously warm temperatures include Devil crab at 47°and raw beef at 48°.
Other violations recorded on this latest inspection report?
Cooked ground beef and peppers held with no date markings so employees didn't know how old items are, cross contamination issues with raw shelled eggs stored over ready to eat cooked peppers, onions and chorizo sausage, an employee with boil/sores on both hands handling food and had no gloves on, no proof of required state approved employee training provided for any employees, and no hot water provided at the employee's hand wash sink or at the hand sinks in the restroom.
ABC Action News anchor Wendy Ryan spoke with Pipo's owner Ramon Senior Hernandez and he explained that the Pipo's To Go location is being run by his 22-year old son, Ramon Junior and he doesn't have the 30 years experience his father has. 
Ramon Senior runs Pipo's other locations but immediately went over to Pipo's To Go to help clean up the issues and retrain his son on the importance of food safety. 

Ramon Senior also said in all 30 years he's been in business, he's never had any of his restaurants shut down by the state.