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Posted at 10:14 AM, Aug 09, 2017
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"You can put a tablet on here, books, homework, I probably should have said homework first," I tell carpentry expert Dan Weeks. "Before tablet right!" Dan responds.

He came up with a design for this mobile workstation you can make for less than 15 dollars and under 15 minutes. We’re cutting everything to 26 inches in length.  Keeping it easy.

Start with 1X2 pieces of wood for the legs. For the base, it can be any kind of wood even plywood.  Again, it gets cut to 26 inches in length. Sand down any cut edges, then drill.

"I’m just going to eye ball it here," Dan said, alleviating the need to take extra time to measure.

Insert a carriage bolt that fits with a washer on top, rubber washer in the middle, and a knob on the end.

Line up the legs under the base and screw them together.

The platform piece can be anything cut to 26 inches.  Screw that into the underside of the base and you're done.

Items you’ll need: At least 8 feet of 1X2 wood pieces, flat piece of wood for base, two carriage bolts, washers and rubber washers that fit, and a bar knob that fits the carriage bolt. 

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