Carmakers eliminating spare tires for better gas mileage; but what if you get a flat?

Lighter cars get better gas mileage
Posted at 2:46 AM, Oct 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 07:20:28-04

Almost 30 percent of cars manufactured in 2017 do not come with a spare tires. Major automakers say lighter cars get better gas mileage, so that is why the extra wheel in your trunk is gone.

But what happens if you don’t have a spare and you get a flat? Tony Bimonte, owner of A&D Automotive in Tampa says the no-spare dilemma could be solved by pricey “run flat” tires, which eliminate having to change a flat altogether.

Going for around $160 a pop, run-flat tires can be driven on when tire pressure is low, long enough to get you to a garage. They may become standard equipment on most cars in the future.

“You can usually go about 50 miles without having to put air in it,” Bimonte says.

If you do not have a spare tire, you could buy one. However, that is also expensive and finding a place to fit store it in your trunk can be cumbersome.

Using a smaller “donut” spare can harm your car.

So what about fixing that flat without a spare? Fix-a-Flat foam is less than ten bucks a can, but it can be messy.

Battery-operated inflators and compressors cost around $40.

Bimonte says the safest and cheapest way to handle a flat tire is having someone else do it. You can get roadside assistant insurance for less than $60 a year.

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