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Meteorologist’s Dog Makes An Adorable Cameo During Weather Report

Meteorologist’s Dog Makes An Adorable Cameo During Weather Report
Posted at 11:10 AM, Sep 14, 2021

Storm the Weather Dog takes his job seriously. The 10-year-old Canadian pooch, who belongs to Global News Toronto chief meteorologist Anthony Farnell, made sure to show up promptly when “called” for his owner’s weather report on a recent evening’s news broadcast.

Farnell was in the middle of talking about the upcoming weekend forecast when he mentioned the “risk of showers and storms.” On that note, Storm the mini Goldendoodle trotted over to his meteorologist master with an expectant look on his face. Take a look below at the segment from Global News’ YouTube page.

Even with his pup’s unexpected appearance, Farnell kept the forecast going, working his furry coworker into the report.

“Yes, Storm is in the building, getting some treats, walking on thin air,” he said as the dog appeared to chase small treats on the cloud-projected backdrop behind him. Storm’s appearance ended with the nightly “dog walking” forecast and a shoutout to fellow dog Charlie, whose owner had sent his photo into the station.

One YouTube commenter joked that incident was “unprofessional” because “weather dogs should never bring their humans on to the set.”

However, weather forecast appearances are pretty much Storm’s profession since he first made headlines in 2012, popping up mid-segment beside Global News anchor Leslie Roberts. (Farnell had thought Storm was still under his desk.)

Here’s Global News’ “The Morning Show” talking with Farnell and Storm about that early taste of fame for the pooch.

The cute pup actually got his first taste of internet fame when online fans chose Storm’s name. After Farnell first got the Goldendoodle, he knew he’d be bringing his dog to work on occasion. So, Global News polled people on its website, and his name was announced on air during a broadcast.

Since then, Storm’s TV and social media appearances have only grown. He has his own “dog walking forecast” with Farnell (though he doesn’t always appear), makes appearances in news ads, helped with Farnell’s “Global News Weather School” episodes, and attends school, charity and promotional events with his owner.

You can follow Storm the Weather Dog on his official Facebook page and Twitter account, where he even gets shout-outs from famous folks like Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.

How would your dog do as a weather forecast assistant?

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