Jail records reveal more about Esteban Santiago, suspected Ft. Lauderdale airport shooter

Esteban Santiago on suicide watch; few visitors
Posted at 11:29 AM, Feb 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-17 12:22:13-05

6 weeks after being booked into the Broward County jail, Esteban Santiago remains on suicide watch, his moves documented every 15 minutes.  It's the kind of round-the-clock monitoring that's typical for suspects facing murder charges.

According to newly-obtained jail records, Santiago's days in the county jail are dull, with lots of "lying down" documented, some "pacing" in his cell.   He's also been documented doing his own version of jail cell exercise that has included "push-ups" and "shadow boxing himself."

Two weeks worth of jail records, between January 7th (the day he was booked) and January 23rd show the 26-year-old has attempted to reach out.  He's made calls to Alaska, where he most recently lived and Puerto Rico.  But as of a January 20th jail record, both calls were incomplete.  At one point Santiago was seen "crying" into the receiver.


The suspected Fort Lauderdale airport shooter who, investigators say, killed alone is seemingly alone now. Other than attorneys and investigators, Santiago had one visit from a family during two weeks of jail records reviewed. That visitor was his brother who stayed for one hour and 21 minutes, according to records.

At one point on the night of January 15th, Santiago was observed trying to open a ceiling flap.  Earlier, he was seen standing at the door, naked.  Though it's unclear if he was in his cell or somewhere else.  But a moment later, the accused murderer who shot 11 people in airport baggage claim, killing 5, is observed giving other inmate a thumb's up.

Esteban Santiago appeared in a Miami federal courtroom on Thursday afternoon where he was deemed competent to stand trial.  Santiago faces 22 federal charges and has pleaded not guilty.


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