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Unicorns do exist! Children at Tampa General Hospital get magical visit from Spirit the unicorn

Posted at 12:04 PM, Dec 14, 2017

Unicorns DO exist! 

On Thursday, December 14, Brittany and "Spirit" the unicorn visited kids in the Children's Medical Center at Tampa General Hospital to spread some holiday cheer. 

"Spirit" and his fairy friend Brittany, trotted from room to room to bring true magic and smiles to the patients' faces. 

As everyone knows, unicorn's horns are magical. So every child that touched "Spirit's" magical horn was able to make a Christmas wish. 

Brittany Beard travels with the horses of Unicorn Hugs nationwide. They perform at Renaissance Festivals on the weekends and they give back to the community during the week by visiting hospitals and nursing homes with the therapy trained team. They wanted to make sure that the children who couldn't come see them on the weekends was still given the opportunity to meet a unicorn.

The little girls and boys at TGH were so happy to see "Spirit" and Brittany. For a moment they got to forget about their troubles and share a magical experience with a real-life unicorn.

"Just to see them smile when they meet a unicorn for the first time... It's everything," Brittany said after a day of bringing laughter and joy to the kids at Tampa General. "It's truly a blessing to get to do what we do."

Watch part of their visit below: