Keep Christmas magic alive with these special apps

Santa even hosts his own podcast!
Posted at 10:10 AM, Dec 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-21 06:32:08-05

Is there really a Santa Claus? Of course there is!

As technology continues to evolve and change, so do the creative ways we keep the Christmas spirit alive in the eyes of our children. If you ever start to notice a bit of holiday doubt in your kids, a visit to the app store or a special website can really help light up your child's imagination and help them "believe" a little longer. We've made it easier for you and compiled a list of the best places to go online and in your app store to keep the Christmas magic alive in your family.

NORAD Santa Tracker offers a bunch fun features and games leading up to Christmas, but as soon as Christmas Eve is here, you can track Santa as he makes his way around the world delivering presents to the good boys and girls. Check it out here.

Santa can send a personalized video to your son or daughter with the help of Portable North Pole. Santa will make sure your child's name is included and he even shows them a picture of themselves in Santa's big book. You can get one free video made or upgrade for more options with their premium videos and it's available in the app store. Click here to find out more. Download for Android. Download for Apple.

Video Call Santa is a special app that will give you a direct line to Santa whenever you need it. Facetime with the big guy and the app will record the entire conversation. You can even reserve a time for Santa to call you! Download for Android. Download for Apple.

Santa moves very quickly to deliver billions of presents all over the world on Christmas Eve and everyone makes it their mission to catch Santa in the act. Catch A Character is a handy app that will help you catch the jolly guy as he puts presents under the tree. This app will show the kids proof that Santa was in their house.

Are you headed out of town and the kids are worried Santa won't be able to find them? There's a special website hosted by Santa's elves that will let Santa know where you'll be on Christmas so there won't be any confusion about where Santa needs to deliver on Christmas. Reroute Santa will send Santa a special letter and let him know your name, where you're from and where you're going. The elves deliver it to Santa and as soon as he gets it, you'll receive a digital letter from the big guy himself, thanking you for the heads up. Check it out here.

Love podcasts? Santa has his own podcast too! It's a great way to listen to special messages from Saint Nick! Check it out here.