Girl with rare disease invents IV bag cover 'Medi Teddy' to make treatments more comfortable

Posted at 9:04 AM, Jun 13, 2019

A young hospital patient who thought about how to make her experience friendlier for children has created the cutest thing: A Medi Teddy.

The Medi Teddy is a cover that hangs over IVs. Twelve-year-old Ella Casano wanted something that made the look of IV poles and bags less intimidating for pediatric patients.

Casano was only 7 years old when she was diagnosed with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purura, also called ITP. Hers is a very rare case, according to the Medi Teddy website.

For Casano, the disease means a constant attack on platelets in her blood. She get outpatient treatment using an IV every two months.

The Medi Teddy is not available for purchase just yet as the family awaits approval of its nonprofit status. In the meantime, people who wish to support the effort may give to a GoFundMe drive to get 500 made for children in hospitals or join an email list here or donate to the cause.