4 toys, TV shows from your childhood that may be as old or older than you

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 25, 2017

Toys from our childhood might be revamped, relaunched and rebooted, but we'll always carry with us the throwback feels they gave us.

And as we age, so do they.

Are you as old as some of your favorite toys or TV shows? Maybe even older? *gasp!* DonnaRuko's got the lowdown on which of your favorite childhood toys are celebrating big birthdays this year...which reminds us: what do you get a pony for its birthday...?

1. Barney

Barney can finally rent a car! Well, maybe not Barney himself, but the childhood show that taught us how to love our friends just turned 25 on April 6th! The show first aired in 1992 on PBS and enjoyed 13 seasons on our TVs before a hiatus in 2009. But Barney kept making videos for the kiddos and as of 2017, it's been rumored that we might get another group of school kids, ready to learn and hang out with dinosaurs on our TVs soon. If it does come back on the air, us and our blankies will totally be ready.

2. Tamagotchi

Remember when you begged your parents for a pet only to hear no over and over? Those problems were solved when Tamagotchis burst on the scene in 1996. All the responsibility of a pet without the chewed couches and pooper scoopers! To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the company is bringing back the digital pets so you can relive the magic of raising your Tamagotchi (or the agony of it dying if you always forgot to feed it). Bring back the good old days by picking up a 20th anniversary Tamagotchi on Ebay or Amazon for about $70.

3. My Little Pony

My Little Pony has gained a lot of recent fans and even its own fandom in recent years, but the best thing to having a real pony actually galloped onto the scene in the early 80s. Now the original household pony is 36 years old, doesn't look a day over 30, and is still teaching us that friendship is magic.

4. Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

It's always "Morphin' time" when you grew up watching the Power Rangers show aliens, giant monsters, and general bad apples who's boss. The live action superheroes first kicked onto screens in 1993. Now more than two decades later, they've got their own big film, and are reigniting the desire to be a part time superhero in all of us, even if we sometimes have to be grown ups. Now excuse us while we practice our exaggerated jumps and fight moves. Woaaaaaah!

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