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Joanna Gaines Shared The Paint Colors She Uses In Her Own Home—and A Couple She Avoids

Joanna Gaines Shared The Paint Colors She Uses In Her Own Home—and A Couple She Avoids
Posted at 11:30 AM, Nov 20, 2019

If you can’t get enough of home makeover TV shows, you’ve probably wondered what the experts’ own homes are like. Thanks to social media, we often get a glimpse into their own personal spaces. Take renovation queen Joanna Gaines, for example. She often gives her Instagram followers a glimpse inside the Waco, Texas, farm she shares with hubby Chip and their five kids, as well as the office the couple runs their “Magnolia” empire from.

Here’s an image from her @joannagaines account, which showcases a clean, neutral look:

She notes in the post that art inspires her. “I’m all about filling walls and rooms with pieces that are meaningful and encouraging,” she wrote.

Here’s a bedroom shot from @joannagaines, showcasing more neutrals with a warm and comfortable vibe (as well as a sweet moment with her youngest child).

Gaines, who shot to fame on HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” gave an interview to Real Simple earlier this year in which she revealed the paint colors she uses in her own home — crucial intel for anyone who wants to recreate that “Magnolia” effect (without, um, using actual magnolia paint). Here are three of Gaines’ top paint rules:

Use Neutrals For Consistency

“In general, I think neutrals can really help keep a look consistent throughout the primary living areas of a house, but it’s always fun to go a bit bolder in more specific rooms like the dining room, the study or mudroom,” Gaines said.

In those rooms, she favors more unique shades and patterned wallpaper to add interest. Consider Shiplap, Gatherings, Silos District (pictured below) and Weekend from her Magnolia Home paint collection.


There’s A Time And Place For Any Color

While Gaines isn’t likely to use red or purple in her own home anytime soon (“For my own home, I typically lean toward neutral colors and a clean palette,” she revealed), there isn’t a single color she’d rule out completely.

“I might shy away from reds and purples, but there is a time and place for any color,” she said.

Perhaps Vine Ripened Tomato (pictured below) from her Magnolia Home paint collection is the kind of shade she has in mind?



Have Fun With Your Front Door

Speaking of curb appeal, Gaines loves to add character to a home with “a beautiful or interesting front door.”

“Lately, I’ve been loving darker green on front doors, but also pretty shades of light blue,” she said. “I think that’s a spot where people can have fun and really make it their own.”

She recommends Olive Grove, Rainy Days, Luxe and It Is Well (pictured below) from her Magnolia Home paint collection.


Prices for the Magnolia Home paint collection start at $42 per gallon. Are you inspired to change up your home’s look yet?

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