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Whipped Strawberry Milk Is The Pretty New Drink People Are Making At Home

Posted at 11:20 AM, Apr 23, 2020

Have you jumped on the dalgona coffee bandwagon yet? I have — and I love it! This deliciously creamy drink, which was introduced to many back in January by Korean actor Jung Il-Woo via a television show called “Pyungstorang,” has become quite the pandemic food trend, second only perhaps to bread-baking, with versions appearing all over Instagram and other social media sites. I myself am guilty of posting an image of the easy-to-make drink online, except my version floats atop chocolate oat milk instead of regular because I apparently don’t know how to buy things properly.

My accidental version isn’t the only variation out there, though — people are getting creative with this coffee variation. And now there’s a new version that looks prettier and is even easier to make than the four-ingredient beverage that everyone’s been frothing up: whipped strawberry milk.

One version, posted to Instagram by @sweetportfolio, truly could not be simpler to replicate. It uses one part Nesquik strawberry milk powder to four parts heavy cream, whipped by hand. Put your mixture on top of a glass of milk and you’re all set!

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🍓WHIPPED STRAWBERRY MILK🍦🥛⁣ ⁣ ☕️Another alternative to #whippedcoffee… I bring to you Whipped Strawberry Milk made using one of my favorite childhood drinks ever, Nesquik!⁣ ⁣ ✨All you need is 1 tbsp of Strawberry Nesquik and 4 tbsp (1/4 cup) of heavy whipping cream. Mix it until your arm is numb and serve over cold or hot milk🍼⁣ ⁣ 🌝What do you think? Are you sticking to #dalgona coffee or trying one of these alternatives?⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ —⁣ #dalgonacoffee #whipped #frappe #nesquik #bigbiteszn #asmr #socialdistancing #recipe #recipevideo #asmreating #asmrfood #asmrvideo #recipeoftheday #easyrecipes #recipes #recetas #foodvideo #buzzfeast #tastingtable #huffposttaste #thefeedfeed #foodcoma #wshh #eattheworld #cheatday #sugarrush #teampixel⁣

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The original recipe for dalgona coffee uses equal parts instant coffee, water, and sugar; the mix is a bit strong, but it gets diluted when combined with the milk of your choice. A strawberry version doesn’t need such dilution, so the ingredients don’t go into your glass in equal amounts and you don’t have to add more sugar.

Best of all, this version is child-friendly! It’s a perfect treat for young ones, as Instagrammer bev_xo points out:

Of course, this isn’t the only variation that’s popping up. Valentia Mussi at @sweetportfolio also has a recipe for a version that uses cocoa, sugar and whipping cream to create a satisfying chocolate flavor.

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WHIPPED COCOA?!🍦🍫⁣ ⁣ I’ve gotten so many complaints about people who aren’t coffee drinkers (@foodychannel included) and want to jump on the whipped drink / #dalgona trend so, I decided to come up with a fun recipe. WHIPPED COCOA🍫⁣ ⁣ ✨Ingredients:⁣ •1/2 tsp of cocoa⁣ •1 tsp of sugar⁣ •3 tbsp of heavy whipping cream⁣ ⁣ 🥛All you gotta do is mix it (or whip it) all together and serve over a glass of ice with your favorite milk! — don’t make my mistake and don’t use that much milk either 😳⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ —⁣ #dalgonacoffee #whippedcoffee #cocoa #whipped #frappe #hersheys #bigbiteszn #asmr #socialdistancing #recipe #recipevideo #asmreating #asmrfood #asmrvideo #recipeoftheday #easyrecipes #recipes #recetas #foodvideo #buzzfeast #tastingtable #huffposttaste #thefeedfeed #foodcoma #wshh #eattheworld #cheatday #sugarrush #teampixel

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And the creativity doesn’t stop there. The blog Totally The Bomb is featuring six different recipes to turn your dalgona coffee into something even more special. Add peanut butter or matcha for different flavor profiles! There’s even a recipe for a strawberry milk, coffee and Oreo cookie concoction.

And over on Instagram, @dapurflo has created a version that looks pretty interesting — it puts the whipped coffee on top of an avocado and milk mix.

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Dalgona coffee with choco avocado.. ini enaak bangeet ditambah pake whipped cream kocok ditambah taburan kacang dan serutan dcc yummm.. 😍🍶🍹🤤🤤☕🥛 Resep dolgana coffee with choco avoccado Bahan : Gula 2 sdm Nescafe kopi classic 2 sachet Air panas 2 sdm *Whipped cream kocok non dairy cair bisa bubuk juga yaa, secukupnya saja ya kira2 5 sdm or 4 sdm kocok hingga lembut kaku mengembang dan kental. Semua diaduk hingga mengental. Tambahkan 1 sdm whipping cream non dairy yg sudah di kocok bisa juga pakai yg bubbuk whipped cream nya. Lalu tambahkan juga coklat bubuk 1 sdm full aduk semuannya memakai sendok saja hingga tercampur rata. Taruhh di freezer 15 menitan. Sambil menunggu kopi nya di freezer, ambil alpukat 1/ 4 buah saja. Lalu tambahkan susu cair 1/ 2 gelas masing2 yg akan dipakai, , untuk lebih gurih bisa dikasih whipping cream dairy 1 sdm aja (option, boleh di skip). Blender semuanya hingga tercampur rata dan lembut. Tambahkan es batu secukupnya hingga susu yg sudah di blender mencapai 3/4 tinggi gelas. Cara penyajian : Taruh digelas hingga 3/4 gelas lalu ambil si dolgana coffee coklat isi diatas susu tapi jangann sampe penuh ya. Lalu taruh whipped cream kocok yg sudah dimasukkan kedalam piping bag spuit yaa menyerupai cangkang keong keatas… Lalu serut cokelat dcc atau bisa juga kasih cokelat bbubuk yg di ayak tabur diatas topping whipped cream lalu tambahkan kacang untuk donat atau kacang almond yg di sangrai dulu yaa.. Siap disajikan keadaan dingin. #dalgonacoffee #dalgonacoffeechocolate #dalgonacoffeeavocado #minumanhits #olahankopi #kopisusukekinian #kopidalgona #jajananminuman #flobakingclass #dapurflo #komunitaskulinerbandung

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