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Harley-Davidson Is Releasing An Electric Bicycle

Posted at 10:54 AM, Nov 04, 2020

If you have always imagined yourself cruising on a Harley, but pedaling is more your speed, you are in for a treat. Iconic motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced that it is making a foray into the electric bicycle market — which is booming and is projected to continue to grow.

Named after the nickname for the oldest known Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was called Serial Number One, the Serial 1 Cycle Company grew out of a project started by a small group of motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts at Harley-Davidson who worked together to design an e-bike that lived up to the brand’s name. Ultimately, they created a new entity with the sole focus of developing the best possible electric bicycle.


Serial 1 has shared several photos, such as this picture of the cruiser-style bike posted on the brand’s official Twitter account.

“Meet Serial 1,” the brand tweeted, “eBicycles inspired by more than a century of fun, freedom and adventure on two wheels. Powered by #HarleyDavidson.”

The bike combines the simplicity of a traditional bicycle with electric power that allows riders to ride longer distances faster and with less effort. It is marketed for both urban commuting and recreational riding.

“When Harley-Davidson first put power to two wheels in 1903, it changed how the world moved, forever,” Aaron Frank, brand director for Serial 1 Cycle Company, said in a press release. “Inspired by the entrepreneurial vision of Harley-Davidson’s founders, we hope to once again change how cyclists and the cycling-curious move around their world with a Serial 1 eBicycle.”

Limited details have been released about the e-bicycle so far. Serial 1 bikes will have a mid-mounted electric motor with a frame-mounted battery as well as lighting and hidden brake cables to give it a sleek appearance. According to a countdown clock on the brand’s website, more information will be available on Nov. 16. Presumably, that info will include the price for the e-bike and how long it takes to charge.

The company’s first line of products is slated to arrive in Spring 2021.

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