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You can get your handwritten family recipes made into keepsakes

You Can Get Your Handwritten Family Recipes Made Into Keepsakes
Posted at 10:45 AM, Dec 31, 2019

The Internet has become a treasure trove for recipes, giving home cooks more resources than even before. Still, there’s something special about the classics — the family recipes that have been passed down over generations and that you crave on a regular basis, from pot roast to the perfect chocolate chip cookies. 

Recognizing this, artists have found beautiful ways to preserve those handwritten recipes by incorporating them into customized kitchen items that share a bit of family history while also being functional.

For example, at the Etsy shop LaserFocusedCrafts, you can upload a family recipe and the artist will create a personalized engraved cutting board with the recipe custom-printed on it. Get your text laser-engraved on a bamboo board or cherry paddle for $30 and up.

Wooden cutting boards can already add warmth and texture to your kitchen. But, with the engraving adding even more interest, you’ll definitely want to leave the board out on display. 

Etsy | LaserFocusedCrafts

If you’re looking for a long-lasting keepsake version of your mother’s secret recipe, this would be a great option! But there are others as well.

You can custom print your family recipes on tea towels at Etsy shops like Nestingproject (towels starting at $18) and EmmaAndTheBeanHOME (starting at $24). Why keep that recipe tucked away when it can be displayed on a dish towel, lending some personalized charm to your kitchen? As a bonus, it’ll be readily available whenever you decide to make the recipe yourself!

Etsy | EmmaAndTheBeanHOME

At the Etsy shop zehrdesignco, the artist creates customized decorative plates (starting at $66) with handwritten recipes printed on them. Just think about what a thoughtful gift one of these plates would be for a family member.

Etsy | zehrdesignco

You can even have your handwritten recipe put on a potholder, as provided by Etsy shop BmoreCreative410 for $25, or have it turned into an apron by the shop zoesattic for $40.50. How cute are these?

Etsy | BmoreCreative410

Do you have any family recipes that you’d to have printed on a keepsake for your own kitchen?

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