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Get All The Goodness Of A BLT Without Any Of The Carbs With These Adorable ‘egglets’

Posted at 9:35 AM, Feb 16, 2020

Are you trying to live a low-carb lifestyle but crave a sandwich? Sure, you might be avoiding high-carb bread, but there are some creative ways you can swap out your sandwich bread for something more keto friendly.

One workaround for bread is using fresh bell peppers to contain all your favorite sandwich fillings. Still, if peppers aren’t your thing or you’re looking for some new ideas, then get ready for some “egg-cellent” inspirations. We’re talking about using eggs as the foundation for your sandwiches!

Think about it. You can take a hard-boiled egg, split it in half, and then stack your meat and vegetables neatly between those creamy, yummy outer layers. Need some inspiration? Eating Well has a recipe for Hard-Boiled Egg BLTs that adds in some avocado mayo and spinach to dress up the classic sandwich ingredients.

From there, it’s easy to create some twists on the little BLT egglet. James Kuwall, who goes by @cocta_comedit_scripsit, transformed the BLT by using smoked paprika and a sriracha mayo spread to kick up the spice.

Another variation of hard-boiled BLT was shared by @rachee_gettinfitt, who calls these BLT Egg “Buns” and loves them as a high-protein breakfast or snack. Her take on the BLT adds cheese, avocado and a garnish of sesame seeds or Everything But the Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s.


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Author Jenny Block talked on Facebook about making Delish’s BLT Egglets recipe to help keep from being “hangry” during a transition to a low-carb diet. Her photo of the completed recipe looks incredible!

Josée Bastien decided to make her BLT an SLC — salami, lettuce and cheese. She paired it with some cucumber slices and feta cheese. She did miss the bacon, though, and said she’ll add it the next time she makes these cute little bites.

The next time you’re in the mood for a sandwich, give one of these hard-boiled egg bites a try. You might never go back to bread again!

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