Here are the 10 best states for jobs

Posted at 3:22 PM, Jun 01, 2017

Need a solid job? Washington is the state for you.

An in-depth analysis conducted by WalletHub ranks it highest overall, and the analysis looks at which states have the most job opportunities, employment growth, job security and more. 

States on the Top 10 list have higher monthly annual incomes and monthly average starting salaries. The states ranking lowest overall had fewer job opportunities, low employment growth, and the longest time spent working (Louisiana is highest in that).

Watch the video above to learn the 10 best states for jobs.

The worst states include:

50: West Virginia
49: Louisiana
48: Kentucky
47: Alabama
46: Mississippi
45: Oklahoma
44: Alaska
43: New Mexico
42: N. Carolina
41: Wyoming

Click here to read WalletHub's report and see the best and worst sates for jobs in 2017.