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This Etsy Store Makes Adult Bibs That Look Like Button-up Shirts

This Etsy Store Makes Adult Bibs That Look Like Button-up Shirts
Posted at 12:39 PM, Nov 13, 2020

Bibs can be an embarrassing — but necessary — tool for many of us while eating. They can save your clothes from the stains that come with the messy foods that tend to be served at the best family meals, like summer cookouts and game-day spreads.

Unfortunately, it can be tough to keep your dignity while using one. But that’s where Etsy comes in.

The online retailer that has come through with unique items — from “Golden Girls” face masks to temporary tattoos of your loved ones’ faces to a scarf that looks like a ridiculously long CVS receipt — has now given us adult bibs that won’t make you look like an overgrown baby.

An Etsy seller called FabricGreetings offers sewing patterns for all kinds of unique items, including something they call a Dignity Bib. The idea is that you use a button-up shirt to make a bib that covers the wearer’s entire upper body and simply looks like a regular shirt from the front.


For $7.25, FabricGreetings will sell you a digital download of the sewing pattern you’d need to make your own Dignity Bib. The reviews for the pattern — and the shop itself — are stellar, with some customers saying it’s perfect for people who live with a disability that affects their motor skills. Some said they found button-up shirts at thrift stores to complete the project without much additional cost.

The shirt you use is completely up to you, so you can customize the bib to completely fit the style of the person who will wear it, and you can use the pattern as many times as you want, making it a gift that keeps giving.


If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, there is another Etsy seller that offers a nice-looking adult bib that comes fully made.

Classy Pal sells several bib options that keep the wearer looking sharp and clean. For men, the shop has options that are made to look like a shirt and tie, a tuxedo or a black polo shirt. These are listed at $27.99 each and also have outstanding reviews from buyers.


Classy Pal also offers several options for women that range in price from $22.99-$49.99, depending on the decorative options.

There are bibs that are adorned with an embroidered pearl necklace, a flower pendant or a gold cross necklace. That one would be perfect for after-church meals in your best attire. The woman in this picture is wearing one, and you’d have to look twice to even realize she was wearing a bib.


Kudos to the ingenious artisans on Etsy who keep coming up with items we never knew we needed!

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