'Tis the Season! The 'Elf on the Shelf' is back, share your photos & ideas

Share your Elf's holiday shenanigans with everyone
Posted at 6:01 AM, Nov 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-05 04:23:32-05

The elf is back! 

Thanksgiving is over and from December 1 to Christmas Eve, families with children have a new house guest hanging around their homes for Christmas. 

"The Elf on the Shelf" is based on a children's book that explains how Santa sends his little helpers down to watch all of the children around the world to see who is naughty and who is nice. 

While the children of the house are asleep, the elf can move around the house as much as he wants, but once the children wake up, he's usually in a new location each morning, doing something cute, funny or even being a little mischievous. 

So are you looking for a good way to keep your kids on their best behavior? You may want to check out the Elf on the Shelf. But keep in mind, you have to come up with a new creative position for the Elf each night. 

So, we're here to help. Comment on our Facebook post with your favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas and shenanigans and share them with everyone else. We'll add them to our Photo Gallery as we collect them. 

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Here are a few of our favorite ideas: 

  • Pour a little flour on your kitchen counter, place the Elf in the shower and make it look like he was making snow angels all night
  • Hang the Elf from your Christmas tree and make it look like he was swinging from branch to branch
  • Place the Elf in your children's favorite cereal (minus the milk) in a bowl
  • Make it look like the Elf was up coloring all night in coloring book
  • Get some green army men and set up the elf to look like he was playing with them
  • Write notes to your children, let them know the Elf is watching and make it look like he wrote the note
  • If the kids aren't listening and you're really needing some help making them act a little better during the holiday season, make a sign for the elf that says "Elf on Strike!" with the Elf asking you to help him out because your children need to act up or he's shipping out
  • Write a note with mini marshmallows from the Elf
  • Put Elf in the Barbie dream car or dream house
  • Put a straw in the syrup and make it look like the elf was up all night taking swigs of the sweet stuff
  • Hide him in the cookie jar
  • Hang him from the ceiling fan with a rope and make it look like he was up all night swinging from the fan

Still don't get it? Here's the story of the "Elf on the Shelf."