Singer Gloria Estefan says she tested positive for coronavirus

Singer Gloria Estefan says she tested positive for coronavirus
Posted at 12:30 PM, Dec 02, 2020

Gloria Estefan revealed Tuesday that she recently tested positive for the coronavirus.

The Cuban-born singer and songwriter said she tested positive for COVID-19 in early November, days after dining outdoors at a Miami-area restaurant.

Estefan said the only time she went out was to eat with family on Oct. 30. She said they were all wearing masks.

"I wear my mask everywhere," she told fans in a video shared on Instagram.

Estefan said she only lost her sense of smell and taste and had "a little bit of a cough."

"I can't say that I felt bad," she said.

Estefan said she believes she was exposed by a fan who wasn't wearing a mask, got very close to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

The former Miami Sound Machine lead singer said she has since tested negative twice.

She is urging everyone to protect themselves, keep their distance and wear their masks.

"We're kind of in a very big spike in Miami," Estefan said, adding that she didn't say something sooner because she didn't want to take away attention from the front-line workers.

This story was originally published by Peter Burke at WPTV.