4 ways to pair wine with your favorite show

Posted at 8:07 PM, Apr 25, 2017

TV goes with absolutely everything: a long day, a hang out with friends, a stay-in-night with a bottle of wine.

So if you could match your favorite TV shows with your favorite wines, would you? 

Donna Ruko has your wine guide to four perfect TV-vino pairings to help you drink like your on-screen heroes:

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is basically about three things: war, attractive characters, and wine. Decide which house you'd fight for, or drink for, with this wine line that features a different wine for some of your favorite Big Whigs of Westeros. There's a white chardonnay for white walker lovers, a red blend for the House Targaryen, and even a wintery cabernet for the House of Stark. Most of the wines you can find for around $20 but one might be a little bit of a stretch at around $50. But 'tis just a small sacrifice for the realm...

2. Downton Abbey

Nothing makes you feel quite as fancy as watching the daily ins and outs of British aristocrats, but now you can feel even fancier with a specially made Downton Abbey cabernet or chardonnay. And while they bear the name of the British show, the wines are actually made right here in the USA, featuring wines crafted with premium fruit from California. Plus, no need to be an aristocrat for these bottles. You can grab one for around $15 each. Cheers, old chap!

3. Fifty Shades of Grey

Sure, it isn't a TV show (yet...), but we know some of you have the Fifty Shades... DVD hiding around your living room. But you won't have to hide these tasty wine pairings to the film. At around $18 per bottle, "White Silk", the Blanc blend, and "Red Satin", the Syrah blend, have so much flavor that you might not want to keep them to yourself, even if Mr. Grey tells you to. And you know how he feels about being listened to...

4. The Bachelor Collection

Pretend you live in the Bachelor mansion with the new line of wines that pair perfectly with the series. What would a rose ceremony even be without a little wine anyway...? The $16 each wines are each romantically named after special moments on the show, from visiting the Fantasy Suite to special one on ones, and of course, a rosé for the final rose. You'll have a hard time choosing any other bottle after trying one of these.

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