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Creme Savers Candies Return To Store Shelves After 10 Years Away

Creme Savers Candies Return To Store Shelves After 10 Years Away
Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 02, 2021

Candy lovers who like to reminisce about the good old days just got some exciting news. Creme Savers hard candies will return to store shelves after a 10-year absence.

In case you don’t remember these delightful confections, Creme Savers took classic hard candy flavors such as strawberry, orange and tropical fruit and added a creamy swirl.

Now, two of the most popular flavors — strawberries and cream, and orange and cream — will make their way back to stores starting in mid-September, according to a press release from Mars Wrigley and Iconic Candy brands.

Mars Wrigley | Iconic Candy

Tapping into a wistfulness for goodies that remind us of a bygone era, the two brands collaborated in “reformulating the original flavor profiles and remastering the blends” to bring back the Creme Savers.

Based on social media reactions, fans are more than ready to see these beloved goodies return to stores.

One Twitter user, @sammywiesen, managed to get an early peek at the candies and attested that the modern-day Creme Savers are just as delicious as the ones that we remember from 10 years ago.

This should be welcome news for Twitter user @kaasee_smithh38, who has a soft spot for the candies because they remind them of their grandma.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @SaraBara_80 is delighted that Creme Savers are coming back, but still longs for a new flavor: raspberry.

The Creme Savers join a few other nostalgic goodies that have come back to delight us in recent years. In 2020, the beloved ’90s snack Dunkaroos made a triumphant return to store shelves. And a new hard seltzer was released recently that is inspired by the flavor of the classic sour Warheads candies.

Wondering where you’ll be able to find Creme Savers? Both the strawberry and orange varieties will be available exclusively at Big Lots stores around the country. So, next time you make a Big Lots run, make a note on your shopping list to stock up on an old favorite treat.

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