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Nonprofit brings street performers, crafters and artists to Pier 60 in Clearwater

Pier 60
Posted at 10:16 PM, Oct 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-29 07:41:43-04

Pier 60 is busy with tourists and locals all day long. The focal point of Clearwater Beach is a draw for everyone, even at night.

Sunsets at Pier 60 have been going strong for 26 years. The nonprofit helps bring street performers, crafters and artists here every single night.

The event starts two hours before sunset and ends about 2 hours after.

"The fact that we've been out here for over 26 years, every single night, I think that in itself, talks about the longevity." Angela Benak, Director of Partnership Development for Sunsets at Pier 60 says. "We have people that have been out here that have raised their families on the income that they've made standing out on this pier every single night on crafts. Some people think that the artists do this as a hobby, but it is actually their career. And they've sent children to medical school and college and raise their families doing this. And I love that."

The event did take a two-month hiatus due to COVID-19.

On a typical night during peak season, you'll see 30-40 vendors on the Pier.

"It really is an honor. And it's very humbling to be a part of something so big because not only does it affect the artists on the pier, but it also affects all of the businesses on the beach," Benak said. "People come, they plan their date nights around it, they come and have dinner and the restaurants on the beach, they come in and they walk the pier at night, they check out the artists, they watch our street performers. So to be a part of something so much bigger, really is amazing. The hotels call the concierge to make sure everything's going on. They have guests that book their trips and their stay around it. And so it really impacts the community and the economy," explains Benak.

You can apply to be on the Pier or find out more information about the artists by clicking here.