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Diorama Inserts Will Make Your Bookshelves So Whimsical

Diorama Inserts Will Make Your Bookshelves So Whimsical
Posted at 3:35 PM, Feb 19, 2020

You know that scene from “Beauty and the Beast” where Belle spins around in ecstasy after seeing the Beast’s humongous library? If you’re a bookworm, that scene no doubt gave you major chills — and envy. There are few sights more satisfying than gorgeous bookshelves filled with literary treasures, but if you’re all about books, you know that storing and organizing all your favorites can be kind of a pain.

It’s important to store books correctly (to help prevent damage to the bindings as well as literal bookworms), which is why this new design trend of book nook inserts is both fashionable and functional.

Book nooks are little dioramas that depict a miniature world that you can tuck among your books. They’re book-shaped, so you can place one on your bookshelves to create a surprising door to another land right in the middle of your book collection.

It’s apropos: Books transport you to another place, so how appropriate for your bookshelves to have a door or alleyway into another world!

Vega Woodworks on Etsy is helping to pioneer this trend. The shop offers handcrafted book nooks that can be inserted into your bookshelves with ease.

Etsy, Vega Woodworks

Many of these book nook designs also light up, like the option shown above and below, which is built to look like a magical alleyway into an enchanted world.

This nook has a potion shop, a tavern and flickering lanterns lighting the way. Can you imagine tucking this among your Harry Potter books?

Etsy, VegaWoodworks

People also make their own book nooks, though. This bookshelf posted on the booknook Reddit has several magical nooks, lit up and ready to spark your imagination:

A magical bookshop in your own bookshelf from booknooks

Here’s one that leads down an alleyway in Japan. Check out those red paper lanterns!

Japanese Alley from booknooks

On Instagram, June’s Book Nooks has created gorgeous nooks filled with quirky, whimsical touches that are so lifelike. This one is inspired by Tatooine from Star Wars.

The nooks are sometimes based on real places here on Earth. Etsy creator MiniatureDecorDesign built this impeccable book nook insert that brings the taste of Old Italy to your bookshelves. It looks like the perfect nook for tucking between some travel guides and Frances Mayes books.

Etsy, MiniatureDecorDesign

The attention to detail is mesmerizing, and it transforms an ordinary bookend into an eye-catching work of art that will make your bookshelves a true focal point in your home.

Etsy, MiniatureDecorDesign

The Etsy book nook inserts don’t come cheap: They cost between $200 and $400. But they’re handmade works by artists who are creating one-of-a-kind pieces for customers.

It would make a wonderful special occasion gift for the book-lover in your life or as an indulgent splurge when you are trying to breathe new life into your home decor.

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