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18-wheel Truck Turned Into A Massive Mobile Meat Smoker

18-wheel Truck Turned Into A Massive Mobile Meat Smoker
Posted at 4:20 PM, Dec 16, 2020

Texas is known for a lot of things, but two that stand out are delicious barbecue and everything just being bigger. These claims to fame have come together in a mouthwatering way with this Houston-area man’s 18-wheeler barbecue pit.

Terry Folsom of Brenham, Texas, has a farm, a trucking company and a behemoth rig deemed the world’s largest barbecue pit that can serve up more than four tons of savory smoked meat at a time. Folsom acquired the pit from a world championship barbecue pitmaster who fell on hard times. It was named “Undisputable Cuz” by its previous owner.

The 76-foot smoker has 24 pit doors, seven smokestacks, 800 square feet of cooking area, a walk-in cooler near the front, a TV screen and four beer taps. Folsom customized the rig by adding custom Texas-shaped dampers and a Texas-shaped firebox in the rear (the original owner was from Louisiana). You can get a good look at it in this video from Ridiculous Rides by Barcroft Cars.

In 2015, Folsom attempted to sell the smoker and the Peterbilt truck he uses to transport it for a total of $400,000. While it is unclear whether he changed his mind or couldn’t find a buyer, Folsom appears to own the truck still.

Along with taking it to shows, Folsom and his family use the rig to help folks in need. As noted in this tweet by Texas Sen. John Cornyn, the pit was used at a Salvation Army location in Galveston to cook Thanksgiving dinner for about 1,200 people.

They also helped the Red Cross to feed 55,000 people in 11 days following Hurricane Harvey.

“It takes a special escort to haul down the highway,” Folsom told the Houston Chronicle. He also said that the organization he is working with would typically hire a wrecker to tow the pit where they need it.

“It’s rewarding to see people happy,” Folsom said. “I’m glad to help people. It’s not an ego thing.”

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