Taking Action for Your Parents Checklist

When available, we've included templates you can use to help your parents.

Photocopy these essential documents:

Birth certificate
Driver's license
Social Security card
Medicare/Medicaid/Insurance coverage card
Organ donor card
Marriage certificate
Credit cards
Mortgage records
Military records
Legal Power of Attorney
Healthcare proxy
Living Will
Do Not Resuscitate

Know where to find these essential items:

Safe-deposit box and keys
Receipts and appraisals for valuable items
Trust, banking and insurance policies
Advance directives
Documentation for personal loans
Birth certificate, social security card, marriage and divorce certificates, education and military records
Tax returns

Create a list of these contacts and accounts:

Location and deed to burial plot
Financial planner, tax adviser, broker, etc.
Bank accounts, CDs
Insurance companies (health, life, auto, homeowner)
Employer insurance benefits or pension plan
Active credit accounts (mortgage, banks, stores)