ICE STORM 2014: Thousands of flights canceled as the South braces for dangerous ice storm

ATLANTA (AP) - As a winter storm with potential to coat the South with ice and snow moves in, more than 2300 flights have been canceled at two the region's major airports.

Tracking service FlightAware shows that before dawn Wednesday, 2315 flights for the day had been canceled into and out of the main airports in Atlanta and Charlotte, N.C.

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the main hub for Delta Air Lines, led the nation in Wednesday flight cancellations with 1590.

Delta is allowing customers expecting to travel through several Southeastern cities from Tuesday to Thursday to make free one-time changes to their itineraries. The waiver applies to travelers passing through Atlanta; the Carolinas; Huntsville, Ala.; and Norfolk, Va.


Atlanta area braces for dangerous ice storm


ATLANTA (AP) --  Georgia Power is reporting power outages as the Atlanta area and the South brace for a dangerous ice storm that's moving into the region.

   The utility company says that more than 2,000 customers are without power around the state early Wednesday but officials say the number will probably grow.

   Emergency management workers are hunkering down, waiting to spring into action as rain -- along with temperatures -- are falling, potentially leading to dangerous ice conditions.

   Atlanta and the surrounding region dodged the first punch of a dangerous winter storm Tuesday, but forecasters warn the second punch will likely bring a thick layer of ice and heavy winds that could knock out power to thousands of people and leave people stranded in their cold, dark homes for days.


11:52 a.m. -- More than 200,000 without power

   ATLANTA (AP) -- Georgia utility companies say more than 200,000 customers are without power as an ice storm coats trees and brings down branches and power lines.

   Forecasters in several states have been using unusually dire language in warnings about this storm -- and they say the worst may still be ahead. The ice could knock out power for days.

   The Atlanta area has been feeling the sting of sleet punctuated by strong gusts of wind. A layer of ice is crusting car windshields. And slushy sidewalks are making even short walking trips dangerous.

   Nobody in Atlanta is taking any chances today, two weeks after a storm stranded thousands of people on the highways. Today, city roads and interstates in the Atlanta area have been empty, as most people heed warnings to stay home.


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