Power Outage Maps & Resources

If you find yourself without power during a storm, power outage maps are updated constantly with the latest number of outages and estimated times of repair. 

Check the status of power outages below:





Restoring Electrical Service

Repair crews work to return power to the facilities that serve the largest number of affected customers first. Priorities are not established by where your home is located geographically, your payment history or how often you call.

Crews focus on facilites that provide essential service to your community, such as hospitals, police and fire stations and television or radio stations. Once major repairs have been made, work begins to restore smaller groups and individual customers.

* Please read the instruction booklet that accompanies the generator that you’ve purchased. It will contain specific information for your make and model of generator.
* Never operate the generator indoors, neither in the home nor in the garage or carport. During operation, always position the generator outdoors and away from any open windows, doors, intake vents, or air conditioning unit air handlers to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home.
* Once a storm is passed and you are going to use your generator, find a well vented space outdoors, and secure it with a chain and padlock to an immovable structure such as a tree, fence, railing or pillar. Many generators are stolen due to high demand.

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