Florida Highway Patrol conducting driver license, vehicle inspection checkpoints in January

Here's a list of roads that will be targeted

TAMPA BAY - Defective vehicle equipment poses dangers to the public, and that's why the Florida Highway Patrol plans to conduct random driver license and vehicle inspection checkpoints on dozens of Tampa Bay-area roads in January.

The daytime checkpoints will be conducted in seven counties. Troopers will look for defective vehicle equipment, including bad brakes, worn tires, and malfunctioning lighting. Troopers also will run driver license checks. The FHP says local supervisors select the time, location and duration of the checkpoints on the roadways listed below based upon staffing, weather and traffic conditions.

The FHP says the checkpoints are an effective means of enforcing the equipment and driver license laws of Florida while ensuring the protection of all motorists.

Here are the roads that will be targeted during the checkpoints.

Hillsborough County:

  • US Highways: US-92, US-41, Bus 41, US-301
  • State Roads: 582, 597, 678, 580, 45, 600, 60, 573, 599, 676, Alt 676, 39, 674, 43, 601, 583, and 685
  • County Roads: 587, 576, 579, 581, 672, 640, 574, 574A, 39B, 582A, and 584
  • Local Roads: South Mobley Highway, Lutz Lake Fern Road, Wilsky Avenue, Linebaugh Avenue, Van Dyke Road, Barry Road, Livingston Avenue, Crenshaw Lake Road, 127th Avenue, Skipper Road, County Line Road, Davis Road, Trapnell Road, Jap Tucker Road, Lithia Pinecrest Road, Williams Road, Harney Road, Symmes Road, Balm Road, Magnolia Lane, North Taylor Road, Pruett Road, Rhodine Road, McIntosh Road, Turkey Creek Road and Balm Riverview Road

Pasco County:

  • US Highways: US-41, US-301
  • State Roads: 54 and 52
  • County Roads: 1, 41, 52A, 77, 518, 575 577, 578, 579, 579A, 587, 587A, 595
  • Local Roads: Key Lime Drive, Hudson Avenue, Shady Hills Road, County Line Road (Pasco/Hernando), County Line Road (Hillsborough/Pasco), Thys Road, Hays Road, Hicks Road, Lock Street, Moog Road, Mile Stretch Drive, Jasmine Boulevard, Madison Street, Old Dixie Highway, Moon Lake Road, Denton Avenue, Old Pasco Road, Foam Flower Boulevard, Dayflower Boulevard, Quail Hollow Boulevard, Boyette Road, Monteverde Drive.

Hernando County:

  • County Roads:  476, 480, 481, 484, 491, 493, 495, 541, 580, 572, 576, 581, and 597
  • Local Roads:  LaRose Road, WPA Road, Yontz Road, Kettering Road, Reynolds Road, Daly Road, Ridge Manor Boulevard, Grove Road, Horse Lake Road, Osowaw Road, and Barrett Road

Polk County:

  • State Roads:  600 and 700
  • County Roads:  35A, 540, 542, 546 557, 17A, 659, 655, 54, 542A, 580
  • Local Roads:  Pine Chase Avenue, Wabash Avenue, and Thompson Nursery Road

Citrus County:

  • County Roads:  39, 470, 480, 486, 488, 490, 490A, 491, 494
  • Local Roads:  Highlands Street, West Cardinal Street, Century Boulevard, Elkcam Boulevard, West Pine Ridge Boulevard, Dunkenfield Road, Rock Crusher Road, North Croft Avenue, West Seven Rivers Drive, West Venable Street, Pleasant Grove Road, Green Acres Boulevard, Fort Island Trail, West Riverbend Road, Fishbowl Drive, Miss Maggie Drive, Gobbler Drive, North Citrus Avenue, Turkey Oak Drive, Dunklin Avenue, Yulee Drive West, North Citrus Springs Boulevard, Grover Cleveland, Turner Camp Road, Istachatta Road, West Highland Street, Halls River Road, and Old Floral City Highway

Sumter County:

  • State Roads:  35 and 471
  • County Roads:  44A, 48, 209, 229, 400, 412, 416, 437, 462, 466, 466A, 468, 469, 470, 471, 472, 475, 476A, 476B, 478, 478A, 501, 575, 647, 673, 696, 721, 723, and 747
  • Local Roads:  Buena Vista Blvd and Morse Blvd



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