Stamkos bows out of today's practice, calling it a bad day in his continual rehab of broken leg

Stamkos said " leg didn't feel right."

Tampa - Lightning star Steve Stamkos did not practice today with the team today as planned.

Stamkos said when he went on the ice his right leg just didn't feel right, so he backed off, but refuted the development as a setback.

Stamkos said he is simply chalking it up to a bad day, which are few and far between at this stage of his rehab.

Stamkos told Joe Smith from the Tampa Bay Times, "Whenever it doesn't feel good, it's a little frustrating," Stamkos said. "But I've not gone through something like this before, so when things don't feel well, you want answers right away, and you want to know how to fix it. But it's not necessarily that easy. It's been tough, the days it doesn't feel good, especially after the strides that I've taken and how good I felt on the ice the other day. But you have to be smart with this. I thought today was a smart decision and we'll see how it feels tomorrow."

Stamkos is still targeting a game with the Tampa Bay Lightning before the Olympic break and hoping to join Team Canada in Sochi.

The Lightning have six games between now and the Olympic break taking effect on Feb. 8.

The reported plan is if Stamkos is unable to make that return and have his status in question for Team Canada, he'll have that conversation with Team Canada, likely with Lightning GM Steve Yzerman, who heads up Team Canada -- if he should head to Sochi as part of the team.

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