Former Buc Ronde Barber to join FOX Sports

Former Buc won't be a coach

Ronde Barber will continue his career in football, but it won't be as a player nor will he be with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The veteran cornerback is joining Fox Sports.

This sounds like he's transitioning to what so many former players who have some charisma and screen presence end op doing: becoming TV personalities commenting on football.

Barber's appeared on various shows before and has always looked comfortable in front of the camera, so this shouldn't come as a surprise. Whether he'll end up in a Warren Sapp-loudly-shouting-opinions or John Lynch loudly-shouting-live-game-analysis role remains to be seen.

For those wondering why he didn't transition into a coaching role, and I know there are people wondering that, I can't answer that definitively.

Consider, though, that coaching hours are brutal, the pay is good but not outstanding, you have to love coaching to be good at it, and it takes time to become good at it. In other words: he probably doesn't want to be a coach.

The upside: you'll continue to see old man Barber on your TV screen.

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