Revis is facing injury and rehab, unincorporated territory for the All-Pro cornerback

Revis: " I think I'm a great player"

TAMPA - I never thought the Bucs trade for All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis would have come to fruition before the draft.

It did, and kudos goes to Bucs General Manager Mark Dominik. 

My biggest fear was that the Bucs would give up more than a 1st round pick this year and a likely a third rounder next year. 

Revis is worth every bit of a first round pick, maybe two.

The price paid may end up being the steal of the year.

That of course, depends on Revis's knee.

That's the only hitch in his giddy-up we are concerned with is his knee.

Revis did not want to talk about his heath today.

That wasn't going to fly since his heath has every bit to do with the success of this defense and likely the career of GM Mark Dominik.

I pressed Revis on his health, asking if there was a chance he wouldn't be able to play this season, or at the very least, open the season.

Dominik jumped in and took the question, saying the team did complete due diligence as possible, using top doctors, etc and everyone in the decision making process gave their thumbs up to go for it.

For Revis, this injury is unincorporated territory.  He's never been injured like this.

An ACL can end careers.  Sometimes recoveries are nothing short of a miracle, i.e. Adrian Peterson.

Revis admitted people will be wondering if he will be the same player that was All-Pro with the Jets.

I'm sure he is thinking the same thing.

We'll know more in the summer months where he stands.

In the interim, I have to say I like Darrelle's demeanor. 

He didn't flinch when telling us "he considers himself a great player in the league."

Not going to argue.  He is the best cornerback.

GM Mark Dominik feels he's got one big piece of the puzzle to counter the top flight QB's they'll be facing in the NFC South alone.

Now, if only Ronde Barber would come back for one more year. 

Can you imagine Revis, Wright and Barber (in slot coverage)?!

What a trifecta.

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